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Kullanılan Entrümanlar Hakkında

Channeled Singing

It involves singing in different tones, resonating and improvising sounds. The healing therapy session with each voice is unique and unique.

Crystal Singing Bowls

The use of Tibetan bowls gently massages all cells by emitting very rapid and powerful vibrations throughout the body. Cleans unwanted negative energies.


It slows down the brain waves and creates a feeling of relaxation and happiness. It helps brain waves to shift to alpha wavelength. Cleans unwanted negative energies.

Shaman Drum

Help going into trance, deepening, helps grounding


It sweeps and cleans the aura.

Tuning Forks
tuning forks.jpg

It creates a deep feeling of relaxation and happiness. It helps to rebalance the right and left lobes of the brain and nervous system and to regulate the DNA codes.

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