20 Haziran Cmt | via ZOOM


Join us to tap into the energy of new possibilities, manifest, and welcome your light! ­čîÇ
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Time & Location

20 Haz 2020 20:00 ÔÇô 23:00 GMT+3
via ZOOM

About The Event

Join us for Summer Solstice Sound Healing Ceremony. The Summer Solstice is a special time where we go from darkness into light. During the Sound Healing Ceremony, we will embark on a deep inner-journey by releasing fear, limitations, embracing our inner power and light. We will focus on recalibrating our system, heal deeply, energize & update our lives, and explore how we want to shine our Light in this world.


* No prior experience, or practice is required to participate, everyone with an open mind and heart is welcome!

**It will be in English and in Turkish (according to the group of participants.)


The event will include:

 * Setting our intentions.

*Sound Healing Meditation: Group toning to cleanse and balance our chakras & energy field.

* Sound Journey***

 ***(Gonca mainly uses her voice and a variety of instruments: Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, Shamanic drum, Native American flutes, tuning forks, tingsha bells, Koshi chimes, etc.) She does channel singing which means; singing and creating the frequencies according to the higher good & needs of the participants. Therefore, each sound bath is unique.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

┬Ě slows down the brain waves, pulse, and blood pressure, which provides deep relaxation

┬Ě silences the mind.

┬Ě enhances mental clarity.

┬Ě relieves pain, anxiety, and stress.

┬Ě cleanses the energy field (aura), activates and balances your chakras.┬á

┬Ě activates grounding connection.

┬Ě helps unlock the blocked emotions, releases the tension and traumas.

┬Ě strengthens the immune system. Stimulates the Thymus gland.

┬Ě increases the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues, and organs.

┬Ě releases the toxins from the body.

┬Ě transmutes stagnant or negative energies.

┬Ě stimulates the release of endorphin, melatonin, dopamine hormones.

┬Ě synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain and rebalances the nervous system.

┬Ě helps to repair and activate the DNA codes.

┬Ě re-establishes correct functioning of the endocrine system (the glands)

┬Ě works at the cellular level.

┬Ě Stimulates organs and activates life energy.

┬Ě Reveals self-healing power.

┬Ě helps to restore harmony & balance to obtain healing and self-transformation in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Registration is Closed

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