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11 Kas Cmt


via ZOOM


Don't miss this unique opportunity to harness the healing power of sound and voice in a harmonious journey through the 11.11. Energy Portal. Join us and embark on a path of transformation, manifestation, and self-discovery.

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Time & Location

11 Kas 2023 19:30 – 21:30 GMT+1

via ZOOM

About The Event


Welcome to a transformative experience that will guide you through the mystical 11.11. Energy Portal using the healing power of sound and voice. This event is an opportunity for you to recalibrate, shedding the old and making space for the new, as you plant the seeds of your intentions. Whether your desires revolve around healing, guidance, inspiration, abundance, deeper understanding, or simply the journey to a new you, this event is a powerful catalyst for manifesting your dreams.

What to Expect:

*Setting Our Intentions: We'll begin by setting our intentions, creating a clear and purposeful direction for the sound journey.

*Sound Healing Meditation: Toning together,  we'll embark on a meditative journey to cleanse and balance our chakras and energy fields. 

* Alignment with the 11.11. Energy through Sound Journey:  The heart of the event, the Healing Sound Journey, is where the magic happens: 

***(Gonca skillfully uses various instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, a Shamanic drum, Native American flutes, tuning forks, tingsha bells, koshi chimes, and the enchanting Shruti box. What sets this experience apart is the soul singing (channel singing), where frequencies and overtones are created according to the unique needs and higher good of the participants. 

Every sound bath is a one-of-a-kind journey.

Who Can Join:

No prior experience or practice is needed to participate in this event. It is open to anyone with an open heart and mind. The event will be conducted in both English and Turkish, ensuring accessibility to a diverse group of participants.

Participation Fee: 35€

Benefits of Sound Healing:

Sound healing is a time-tested practice with a range of benefits that have been reported by many participants. Here are some of the positive effects you can expect:

Deep Relaxation: It can slow down brain waves, pulse, and blood pressure, inducing profound relaxation.

Mental Clarity: The practice can silence the mind and enhance mental clarity.

Stress and Pain Relief: It is known to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress.

Energetic Cleansing: Sound healing can cleanse the energy field (aura), activate, and balance your chakras.

Emotional Release: It helps unlock blocked emotions, release tension, and trauma.

Immune System Boost: It strengthens the immune system and stimulates the Thymus gland.

Physiological Harmony: Sound healing can increase the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues, and organs.

Detoxification: It releases toxins from the body and transmutes stagnant or negative energies.

Hormone Stimulation: The practice stimulates the release of endorphin, melatonin, and dopamine hormones.

Brain Synchronization: It synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain and rebalances the nervous system.

DNA Activation: Sound healing can help repair and activate DNA codes.

Endocrine System Balance: It re-establishes the correct functioning of the endocrine system (the glands).

Cellular Healing: It works at the cellular level and stimulates organs while activating life energy.

Self-Healing: Sound healing reveals your self-healing power.

Harmony and Balance: It helps restore harmony and balance to your entire being.

In Love & Harmony,

Gonca Gürses

Alchemy of Sounds

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