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What's Voice & Sound Healing?

In 1988, the New York Times described the sound as a brand new tool that created, disintegrates or rearranges the molecular structure. Everything is vibrating in the universe. All of our bodies and organs have separate frequencies, which combine to form a harmonious orchestra. Everything is vibration, everything that is alive has a vibration. When we consciously work with sound, we begin to transform our own vibration. Many things in our daily lives, stress, what we eat, our way of thinking and our patterns, our disconnected from nature, cause our vibration to deteriorate over time, thus causing diseases. Healing with sound enables us to regain our original lost body and rejuvenate our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas.

The most fundamental element of creating vibrational change in our bodies to provide health and transformation is to use sounds (births) by specifying our intention: Frequency + Intention = Healing

"It has been scientifically proven that sound affects and changes the vibration of our brainwaves, pulse and breathing rate. This wave changed also creates changes in our consciousness."

Then the frequency, the easiest and without the need for anything external human voice, the most powerful healing instrument in the world. So much so that when we focus it on our will and use it to convey our intentions, we use it to improve what we intend to heal, illness, habits, people we cannot forgive, events, fears, traumas, and so on. As the frequency ratio of the material increases, the material becomes lighter and less dense. So in time, depending on regular work, one can change his or her frequency to more subtle vibrations, which means a tremendous step and a long way to enlighten our perception and awareness. Frequency gives the substance uniqueness and characteristic, then everyone's voice is a special and unique healing tool.

Benefits of Voice & Sound Healing

  • Helps in treatment of stress, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.

  • Enables the brain to produce more of the neurotransmitters, opening a gateway for the sufferer to break-free.

  • According to sound healing practitioners, through vibrations, the cells in the body are being harmonized by sound, promoting healing.

  • The power of vibration frequency is particularly potent when looking at healing your own personal psychosis because depression sufferers can become ‘within themselves’ and become less likely to reach out to others.

  • Often the hard wiring of the nervous system in the right side of the brain can become overly active. Binaural beat sound healing can bring brainwave activity into balance, and the symptoms of depression can be reduced.

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